Hi there, I'm Zoe Clements, anxiety
counsellor, author and dog Mum to the
mischievous Paddy.

Zoe Clements Anxiety Counsellor London
Zoe Clements Anxiety Counsellor London

I'm passionate about helping
people conquer anxiety.


Because I struggled with
noisy negative thoughts,
overwhelming anxiety
and pesky self-doubt
for years.

I put up with anxiety for far too long because,
I told myself "I should be fine".

You see, with a roof over my head, food on the table and
a fancy city job I thought I was on the path to success.

Turns out, I really was far from fine and it wasn't until I
sat in the counselling chair that I began to understand why
I was struggling and more importantly how to change.
I now spend my days either counselling or writing, all
with the aim of helping people find their smile again.

If you would like some help with overcoming
anxiety, then maybe I can help.

Work with me or buy the book

Counselling for Anxiety

Zoe Clements Anxiety Counsellor London

But I Should Be Fine

Credentials: The Highlights

Zoe Clements Anxiety Counsellor London
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy
  • IFS Informed Therapist
  • Certificate in Person Centred Counselling
  • Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy
  • Certificate in CBT Skills
  • Anxiety training: CBT & Human Givens
  • Stress Management
  • Transactional Analysis 101
  • Maths Degree BSc Honours Degree
  • BACP Accredited Member
Zoe Clements Anxiety Counsellor London
Zoe Clements Anxiety Counsellor London
  • Private Practice
  • Adult counselling services
  • LGBT+ Helpline volunteer
  • Play Therapy with The Place2Be
  • Secondary and University Student
Zoe Clements Anxiety Counsellor London
  • Speaking Deloitte: ‘How to speak to yourself, and
    coach yourself through Covid-19 Anxiety
  • Podcast Guest: Unhelpful Negative Thoughts And How
    To Challenge Them’
  • Vlog Guest: ‘How blogging grew my Private Practice’
    with Jane Travis

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