What to expect

  • Counselling provides you with unconditional support when you need it most however it's more than just talking and listening. I will help you take a step back and see your life through a different lens. This new awareness will shine a light on how, and why, you think, feel and behaviour the way you do.
  • Not only will this new awareness bring a huge sense of relief, it will also empower you to make an informed choice about what you need to change. To help you make these changes I will draw on a number of different theories and introduce you to many techniques and practices.
  • You can expect a psychobabble free experience, a safe and confidential space, and to be supported 100% of the way.
  • If you are still hesitant, check out a couple of my blogs or buy my book to see if they resonate with you.


Initial Assessment


60 minutes



50 minutes

Block of 6


6 x 50 minutes

The first step

Drop me a note to arrange an initial assessment session. This session is an opportunity for us to meet and get to know each other.

During our time together we will explore what has brought you to counselling and your goals. I will take time to answer your questions and by the end of the session you will have all you need to decide if I'm the right counsellor for you.

The counselling sessions

At the start of the session I will provide a recap of our work to date and then you will decide how to proceed. Some people love to prepare for sessions, others like to see what comes up for them in the moment, there is no right or wrong approach. I may set exercises and/or practise to experiment with between sessions but it is never mandatory and we will always work at the right pace for you.

Online counselling

Counselling remotely has been growing in popularity for years and is a safe alternative to face-to-face work. I am grateful for this technology as it means I can work with people all over the world.
To work online together, I ask you have:

  • Access to a quite space where you feel safe and won't be disturbed or overheard
  • Good internet connection

Face to face counselling

I work in a number of locations in Brighton & Hove.

Please drop me a note for up to date availability.

Number of sessions

  • There isn’t a set number of sessions as this depends on your needs.
  • Some people may only come for short-term counselling, others for 12 sessions, and some for over a year.
  • At the start of our work I recommend weekly sessions to build momentum however, as we progress there may be the opportunity to work on a fortnightly basis so you can practice more of the techniques between sessions. We will review our progress every 6 sessions.

Got another question?
Drop me a note.