October 13


COVID-19 Vlog: How to bring some certainty & control back into your life

By Zoe Clements

October 13, 2020

I think it is fair to say, Coronavirus has ridden roughshod over most of our daily lives leaving us with bucket loads of uncertainty about today, tomorrow and every blumin day after that too. However, whilst we may not have much control over the virus itself we may be able to claw back some control over how we spend our days. 

Now, I'm not saying we should all be learning a new language or teaching the kids advanced Maths. Hell no. This is not 'that' talk. This is the find some small activities in your day which:

a) Make you a tiny bit happier or calmer

b) Match your energy levels 

c) Give your brain and body some certainty

The latter is super important because our brain and body get really anxious when life is unpredictable. If you need some inspiration, hints, tips etc on how to do this here is a short video I made last week.

Zoe Clements

About the author

Zoe Clements is an experienced BACP Accredited Counsellor and Author specialising in overthinking, anxiety, people pleasing and pesky self doubt.

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